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Underlining the Alliance Performance Platform are metrics, represented by the shadow in our logo. One recent study found that 51 percent of the alliances reviewed had essentially no performance metrics at all and that only 11 percent had sufficient metrics (Jeffrey H. Dyer, Prashant Kale, and Harbir Singh, "How to make strategic alliances work," Sloan Management Review, summer 2001, Volume 42, Number 4, pp. 37�43). Efficient processes and tools must factor performance measurement - milestones, benefits and impact tracking and reporting. This also allows for the appropriate deployment of resources � as well as accurate strategy revision to capitalize on emerging trends. Organizational Partnering requires a different application of typical scorecard & metric systems as it requires Internal and External Alignment, increased preparation and due diligence, and advanced management capabilities.  

�When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.� � Thomas. S. Monson

�I firmly believe that if I change one measure on my scorecard, change will happen� �  B. Baker, Mobil VP

�The use of measurement as a language helps helps translate complex and frequently nebulous concepts into more precise ideas that align and mobilize all individuals into actions directed at attaining organizational objectives.� � Kaplan & Norton, The Balanced Scorecard

�Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated are executed�

�In the majority of cases � we estimate 70% - the real problem isn�t bad strategy, it�s bad execution� � Fortune Magazine, �Why CEO�s Fail�

�Flawed decisions well implemented will bring more to the bottom line than the best decision that is not implemented� � Peter Schutz, Former CEO Porsche

Methodology | Strategy | Alignment | Management | Metrics