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The SAM2 Methodology: Organizational Partnering Principles

Organizational Partnering requires advanced management capabilities as it requires Internal and External Alignment, increased preparation and due diligence, and different applications of typical scorecard & metric systems. So what exactly makes up an effective partnering program? The same set of Partnership principles apply to multiple types of Partnerships across multiple verticals. These extensible principles represent the fundamentals of effective Organizational Partnering - the SAM2 Methodology; they are Strategy, Alignment, Management and Metrics, represented in our logo by four shapes. The blue square represents Strategy, the green circle represents Alignment, the orange triangle represents Management and the shadow underlining it all is Metrics.

Common Projects
Some of our more common client requests are listed below. Click here to see why our clients choose Alliances Sciences and the value they receive from working with us.

 Provide clarity and consistency of the Alliance Strategy and Business Planning in a readily actionable format

 Show the quantifiable value of Alliance efforts across the enterprise

 Ensure executive commitment to the Alliance Program's Success Objectives

 Provide equity alliance (strategic placements - bonds/warrants, JV, M&A) qualification, due diligence and management through to organizational integration

 Incorporate Alliance performance measurement metrics

 Provide tools for the accurate qualification and assessment of Partnership opportunities

 Build Internal Alliances and cross-functional support for the organization's Alliance efforts

 Provide consistent and measurable Alliance Management compensation programs

 Clarify roles and responsibilities within the organization and with Partnering companies

 Identify new Partner market opportunities

 Develop industry "Partner of Choice" status

 Provide training for internal teams on Alliance Management Best Practices

Methodology | Strategy | Alignment | Management | Metrics