Alliance Sciences Partners with a variety organizations in order to more completely meet our clients' needs and better distribute our services. If you would like to discuss how your organization could work with Alliance Sciences, please contact us @

The Performance Measurement Association
The Performance Measurement Association - a global network for those interested in the theory and practice of performance measurement and management - was launched at the 2nd international PM Conference, PM 2000, Cambridge, UK.

The Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals
The Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals, A.S.A.P., is the first professional organization dedicated to strategic alliances. By providing management resources, sharing best practices, and supporting the professional development of those involved in strategic alliances, A.S.A.P. is committed to providing the professional and educational support that executives and managers of strategic alliances need to be successful.

Representing more than 8,000 computing and communications companies, CompTIA helps its members stay competitive and profitable by providing vendor-neutral standards in certification, e-commerce, customer service and workforce development to meet these industry-wide challenges. A global association, CompTIA continues to improve by offering a new menu of services to its members.

The Council for Entrepreneurial Development
The Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was founded in 1984 to stimulate the creation and growth of high impact companies in the greater Research Triangle area. CED achieves its mission by providing programs and services in four major areas: education, capital formation, mentoring, and communications. Through these efforts, CED provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills that ensure their success and at the same time heightens awareness of the contribution that entrepreneurial companies make to our communities and our economy.

Harvard Biotechnology Club
The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club is a non-profit, student organization that hosts events and provides services that allow members to explore the world of business and biotechnology. The Biotech Club's mission is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by building relationships with companies operating in the biotechnology and healthcare sphere. Corporate sponsorships support all club activities and operations.