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Leading Global Hardware, Software & Services Company
With 500 Alliance Management personnel and 15,000 partners, this industry leader was seeking to digitize it Alliance processes so that it could make data driven decisions and measure Alliance ROI.


Case Study: A leading computer hardware, software and services company  

About the Customer
The customer is a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services for the internet. A truly global leader, they have offices in more than 100 countries. The client employees more than 35,000 people and reported Q3 FY 2003 revenues of $2.7 billion with estimated annual FY 2003 revenues exceeded $12 billion. The client consistently ranks as an industry leader in manufacturing computer hardware, software and services and holds a FY 2003 ranking among the top 200 on the Forbes 500, top 125 on the Fortune 500 and listed on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Customer's Challenge
As an industry leader with a mature Partner program managed by approximately 500 people and consisting of more than 17,000 ISV Partners, the client faced significant Alliance management infrastructure challenges. The client was further challenged by a highly competitive Alliance landscape in the technology industry. The need to effectively leverage Partners is critical. Along with the benefits garnered from working with Partners come significant responsibility; accurately identifying, enabling, measuring, managing and supporting Partner performance. The client was challenged with determining best practices to digitize from the multiple tools, templates and processes that currently existed in different divisions and global regions. Additionally, aligning the multiple stakeholder departments and accommodating multiple requirements would present additional challenges. The existing capabilities identified for immediate optimization needed to be applied quickly and show rapid utility and results. It was also important to adopt a roadmap so immediate optimization could be balanced against the common vision for a long-term ideal future state. For example, incremental costs and returns needed to be included in existing tools prior to digitization in order to provide the Partnership ROI information sought by senior management as an overall goal of digitization.

The fiercely competitive Partner landscape in the technology industry required the company to proactively pursue a solution for simplified, productive management of ISV Partners or risk losing these important relationships to competitors� Partner programs. Additionally, the client recognized that the capability to make data driven decisions in a more real time manner would provide it with competitive advantage through better managing and serving Partners and increasing the value provided to these Partners, their own organization and end-users. The client focused on reducing costs and garnering efficiencies to simplify the management and increase the value created with ISV Partners. An overall digitization effort was conceived by senior management to empower data driven decisions and management processes. It was also decided that the digitization effort would be bolstered by application of Six Sigma rigor around the processes as well.

Following the SAM2 Methodology, Alliance Sciences conducted interviews with senior executives within identified digitization stakeholder business units to document project objectives, ownership, processes and timelines. Alliance Sciences then published a working document that defined the scope of digitization for the ISV Partner community and coordinated a representative team of 15 business stakeholders to identify, define and publish the requirements, architecture, features, functionality and value created via sample Alliance management dashboards. Digitization requirements, contributions, participation, enablers and inhibitors were detailed to implement an aggressive but executable digitization roadmap. Although multiple metrics and data sources existed in various divisions, stakeholders reported a need for common reporting formats and processes and increased clarity regarding metrics context to overall goals. Working regularly and simultaneously with key stakeholders on both the East & West coasts of the US, Alliance Sciences provided tools, templates and processes to facilitate the adoption of best practices across stakeholder management teams. Specifically, Alliance Sciences enabled the client to attain metrics alignment to corporate goals and institutionalize effective Partner management processes.

Success Factors
� Consistent and executable approach to Alliance management digitization leveraging industry best practices
� Data compression and reduction models, metrics formulae and dashboard content visualization
� Tools developed and impact reported within aggressive timeline
� Provide roadmap for additional management scalability

The client was able to leverage the experience and expertise of Alliance Sciences for Alliance management infrastructure development, saving time, money, resources and attaining a competitive advantage. Alliance Sciences provided tangible and actionable deliverables that brought immediate impact. The client was able to meet the objectives of senior management and provide a framework including systems, data, metrics, reporting and processes to deliver more efficient and effective ISV Partner management.

Case Studies | Emerging Companies | Enterprise | Public Sector | Testimonials