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Alliance Ready Program


The Alliance Ready Program provides a quick and efficient solution for early stage companies seeking to implement effective channel, alliance and partnership programs. By gaining access to proven methodologies, tools and processes, clients can rapidly meet partnership success objectives while avoiding the resource draining, time intensive pitfalls of common Alliance mistakes.



  • Industry Leader: Alliances Sciences is a recognized global leader in Organizational Partnership consulting.
  • SAM2 Methodology: The Alliance Ready Program is based on the SAM2 Methodology, the 1st Partnership process methodology.
  • Best Practices: Access to proven Alliance best practices including tools, templates and processes.
  • Fast Transfer: Program participants become �Alliance Ready� in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Scalable infrastructure: By building Alliance programs and management processes on best practices, Alliance Ready� organizations are able to scale to meet the demands of the most intensive, industry leading partners.



  • Time saved: Clients report an average partnership program launch time savings of 3 � 6 months.
  • Alliance Optimization: Clients report an average optimization in partnership management practices of 40-50% (composite measure of satisfaction, time savings, and process improvement).


Alliance Ready Deliverables:

Alliance Analysis Report - derived from our Discovery Questionnaire process this report identifies areas of critical need in alliance and partnership program execution.


Alliance Plan Template � Provides an actionable Alliance Program �game plan� and checklist for comprehensive Alliance program strategy development, organizational alignment and commitment. The Alliance Plan Template provides clarity in the areas of partnership program Success Objectives, Value Creation, Roles & Responsibilities, and the Partner Engagement Process (or Partner lifecycle).


Partnership Proposition Document � An effective and easy to use template for establishing partnership objectives, value propositions, milestones, roles & responsibilities and engagement timelines.


Success Estimation Level (SEL) Tool � Empowers the client to accurately estimate the success that can be derived from a potential partner before committing resources. The SEL is a customizable scorecard including partner criteria and associated weights that result in an aggregate score indicating the opportunity for success with the prospective partner. The SEL makes accurate partner identification and selection possible in an easy to use format.


Partnering 101 Workshop

From strategy creation to performance measurement metrics, attendees learn the essential fundamentals required to create, implement and manage successful Partnership programs.


Delivery Time Frame: 2 � 4 weeks

Email to learn more about the quickest and most cost-effective way to implement and launch your Alliance programs utilizing best practices - the Alliance Ready Program!

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